About Us


What we do.

guidehealth.us exists to fund as well as support Health working at the crossway of Lifestyle and modern health. In other words, our mandate is influence. We intend to make Health massively better for each person– driving down the price to deliver improved services to even more people. Massively better implies amazing adjustment– it’s renovation by an order of magnitude or more along every dimension– Health, Cooking, Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, Exercise, Yoga that is extremely functional, trustworthy, convenient, and also indeed, cost-effective. Eventually, it looks like a system that we enjoy.

Our portfolio companies are dealing with issues in Health, Cooking, Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, Exercise, Yoga numerous others. As beginning investors we look for to invest in unrelenting problem solvers, and sustain them in expanding scalable, sustainable services making a favorable influence.

Our inner rule is to serve as a very early worker, not as an advisor or mentor. That indicates obtaining our hands dirty doing actual jobs. We sustain our firms on a variety of organization problems, consisting of fundraising, go-to-market planning, consumer growth as well as service development.