How and when to use “dog exercise equipment”

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Do dog exercise equipment really make a difference? It all depends on where you live, how your dog behaves, and what your climate is. These top exercises for high-energy dogs are great to look into as winter draws near.

Skijoring is a great way to keep your snowhound active all winter. However, shorter daylight hours can make it difficult for dogs to exercise and winter weather can hinder their ability to do so.

Why dogs need to exercise, even when it snows?

It doesn’t matter how large or small your Captains Chair Exercise dog is, or how old they are, exercise is important for their health. Regular exercise helps your dog:

  • Expend extra energy
  • Reduce boredom and anxiety-related behaviors
  • Maintain your cardiovascular health

Have fun

Different dogs need different amounts of exercise. Find out how much exercise your dog needs by clicking here It’s harder for humans to find the energy and time for outdoor play during winter. Exercise equipment is a great solution.

The Best Indoor Dog Exercise Equipment

These are the top options for indoor exercise for your dog exercise equipment, from doggy treadmills and automatic ball launchers to automate their daily routine.

PetSafe allows you to play fetch indoors

You’re right! No balls inside. The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher allows you to set a safe trajectory indoors with six angles and nine distance settings.

Your dog will be happy and active all winter long once they get the hang of self-play. You can even take it outside to enjoy year-round play after the winter season.


  • Safety features and motion sensors built-in allow your dog exercise equipment to play without you being present.
  • For completely portable play, it can run on batteries or power cord.
    The built-in rest feature ensures that your pet doesn’t get too excited.


  • There is always a learning curve with automatic toys. Your dog may need to take some time to master the device.
  • Reviewers are concerned about the loud sound that is made when a ball hits the ground.

FitPaws for dogs – Core strength

Balance discs, also known as “wobble disks”, are used to strengthen core muscles in humans. But they can be used by dogs, too. FitPaws’ version is specifically designed for dogs and has a durable, paw friendly surface.

Balance discs help dogs with disabilities to learn body awareness and aid in balance and strength. Balance disc training can be a fun way for you to bond with your dog all winter.