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Why would you want to hire a trainer or coach for your fitness? Aren’t they for professionals and wannabe athletes too? Personal training is not only for super-focused athletes.

A coach or fitness trainer can help you reach your fitness goals quicker, safer, and more effectively.

1. Expert Advice from an Experienced Professional

Expert advice from an experienced professional is invaluable in a world saturated with fitness “pros” and influencers.

A qualified PT can provide tailored advice and exercises for you, no matter what your goal may be.

  • Your first triathlon or marathon
  • Sporting game improvement
  • Get more out of your training
  • Maximize your time & effort

If you are

  • Recovery from or suffering an injury
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Post-natal exercise: How to get back into shape

Every person has different goals

Every person has different goals. This is why two people can do the same online fitness trainer program and get different results.

Investing In a PT will Give You

  • Personalised training
  • Support and guidance in how to do new exercises and movements
  • You can include more exercise into your training program

Personal training is known for its safe and appropriate programming. This is especially important if you have any contraindications, such as injuries, pre/post-natal, or post-menopausal.

2. It is easy to skip a workout, cheat on a set

It is easy to skip a workout, cheat on a La Fitness Employee Portal set, or snooze your alarm. Your fitness trainer will hold you accountable, push you to the next level, and motivate throughout your sessions and the duration of your program.


It is easy to get bored of your workout routine and fall into the same habits. This can affect your motivation and mood, and may cause you to plateau in your training.

A personal trainer can provide much-needed variety, a fresh perspective, and new perspectives to challenge your mind and body.

4. PT’s perform a needs analysis to determine

PT’s perform a needs analysis to determine your goals and create a customized fitness trainer program that meets your specific needs. This will help you maximize results and increase the effectiveness of your exercise program.

This is particularly beneficial for those with limited time to exercise. A good workout with a trainer will ensure that you have enough time to do other things in your day.