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MxFit is a specialized, custom-designed weight loss and conditioning program that helps athletes achieve their full potential. West Coast Fitness offers a full-service gym in Phuket, Thailand.

Our fully qualified trainers, a variety of classes, and nutritional advice mean we can guarantee results for you if your training with our system is followed closely.

West Coast Fitness offers many classes for beginners. We have a great beginner Muay Thai course, as well as functional training to increase strength, weight loss, and cutting down.

Mobility & Yoga Classes Improve Flexibility and well-being

  • For a stronger, more mobile and self-confident you, come to Detox Supplements Phuket for one of our fantastic classes.
  • West Coast Fitness Phuket is the perfect place for anyone looking to take a vacation and transform their lives.

A Pristine Beach is Located in the Bangtao Beach region of Phuket

Catch Beach Club, Phuket’s most popular Beach Club is just a short walk from West Coast Fitness

Sitsongpeenong Phuket is considered the best Muay Thaiboxing Gym WEST COAST FITNESS in Thailand. It has both a Muay Thai camp at Bangkok and a Muaythai Camp in Phuket.

Thailand’s top Thaiboxers can often be found training hard for hours in order to prepare for their Muay Thai fights at Phuket or Bangkok.

Changes in lifestyle, regular exercise, and a healthy diet can lead to a body transformation. West Coast Fitness offers yoga classes in Phuket, as well as functional and Muay Thai training.

Yoga’s Athletic Performance Benefits

You might be skeptical if you have seen a few videos or read articles about yoga. However, the benefits of even the most rigorous yoga program are not comparable to something like deadlifts or interval training.

Practitioner, this is true. I still include Muay Thai training, sandbag training and beach sprints in my routine.

Yoga can not replace traditional (or unorthodox) training. It can only enhance it.

Yoga can improve flexibility, posture, body mechanics and awareness. It can also make any form of training more efficient and effective. Regular yoga practice can provide the following benefits, and more.

Power full Increase

  • Power, strength, speed, and speed all depend on the body’s mechanics. When our bodies are properly aligned, we can transmit more force efficiently and perform better in general.
  • Yoga can improve your running gait, efficiency and punch power, no matter what sport you are involved in.

More Endurance

  • Yoga can improve your respiratory capacity by opening your posture. Many people have successfully overcome asthma and other respiratory problems through regular practice. This is a great benefit for athletes.
  • It has been shown that yoga can dramatically improve circulation, digestion, efficiency of motion, and energy, all of which are key factors in enhancing endurance and energy.