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We offer services in Four main areas:

Concentra Urgent Care, a division within Select Medical, is a national healthcare company that focuses on improving the health and well-being of America’s workers, one patient at time. The company offers occupational medicine, urgent care and physical therapy from over 300 medical centers across 40 states through its affiliated clinicians. Concentra also provides a wide range of health services to employers and operates more than 140 onsite facilities. View our legal statement to learn more about our policies.

Occupational health Concentra urgent Care

Concentra has more than 30 years experience and is staffed by nationally recognized occupational medicine clinicians. Our goal is to keep your employees productive and healthy. concentra urgent care offers many occupational maduradas health services, including drug screenings and wellness programs. This will help your company maintain a safe, healthy workforce while also lowering the overall cost for health care. Find out more about our occupational healthcare services.

Physical therapy

Concentra provides specialized therapy and early intervention. This focuses on returning employees back to work, life, and normal functioning faster. Concentra patients are often able to recover from injuries faster and require fewer therapy sessions than those who received therapy elsewhere. Find out more about our physical therapy services.

Well-being and health

Our comprehensive wellness and health programs focus on injury prevention, which is more cost-effective than cutting employee health insurance. Our wellness services include preventive, occupational, occupational, and primary health services. We also focus on employee wellness and decreasing employer expenditures. Find out more about our wellness and health services.

Urgent care

concentra urgent care clinics provide skilled clinicians dedicated to caring for patients with a variety of conditions that are not life-threatening. We offer convenient locations and affordable pricing. Find out more about our urgent care services.

This online directory contains information that is regularly updated and pertains to commercial plans covered by Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado. There may be changes in the availability of providers, doctors, hospitals, or other services. Contact the provider directly to verify if a provider accepts Kaiser Permanente. You can find current information about providers at kp.org/locations. The information is automatically updated after 72 hours from the providers. Kaiser Permanente Colorado tries to keep the online directory up-to-date. The printed directory is up-to-date as of publication.