“Cosmic Pizza Party”

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Written By DerrickCalvert

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The Cosmic Pizza crew is not afraid of any danger or cheese! Delivery of fast, tasty, and cheap pizza to any planet! Epic Originals’ hilarious graphic novel series, Cosmic Pizza Party, features three books about pizza, friendship, and outer space.

The crew is thrilled to learn the secret location for a pizza that’s simply to die. They discover more adventure as they explore the curds. If they want to throw the best cosmic pizza party, they will need to face space slugs and sandstorms together.

Cosmic Pizza 

Nick Murphy, a filmmaker, hosts the tabletop role-playing podcast Pretend Friends Cosmic pizza. He is also the host of a YouTube Pueblo Craigslist gaming series. He is a graduate of The University of the Arts’ film/digital videos program. He co-directed To Save Christmas with Paul Ritchey, his writing partner and producer. It won the Best Short Award at the 2016 First Glance Film Festival. Nick loves the 80s and Star Wars. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Rebecca Chewning, an artist, and their son, Desmond.

Paul Ritchey, a Philadelphia filmmaker and web host, is an entrepreneur. He hosts a weekly comedy show about gaming. He is also a performer on Pretend Friends (an actual-play tabletop role playing radio show). Paul is an incredible speedster. His speed is so fast that it is hard to believe that anyone can catch him.

Bea Tormo, a comic artist and illustrator for children’s books by day, is Bea Tormo. She lives in Barcelona, Spain where she enjoys being a part of an artist community. Bea is an illustrator for children’s books. She also works on fanzines, comic books, magazines, webcomics and webcomics. She loves to draw grumpy characters and monsters.