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Being aware of one’s surroundings and responding to them is the definition of consciousness. Concious living, or being aware of your own life, has many amazing benefits.

You can live in harmony with your values by paying attention to the world around you and responding accordingly. When you love your decisions and how you act, you can sleep soundly at night and feel happy. Living concious is about loving yourself and respecting your fellow man.

This was not always true for me. I used to prefer to ignore my emotions than to acknowledge them. I was not strong enough to stand up for myself and others. I didn’t care about the environment or my possessions. And I wasn’t concerned about my health. After many hard times, I took control of my life and started to be more aware of what was around me.

1. Get Concious About the Booze

It was a great way to conceal my depression, brokeness Inch Worms Exercise and poor health. It was only after I quit drinking that I felt and could work through my emotions. Although it brought up many uncomfortable emotions, I’m so proud of how I can now recognize my feelings and work through them.

2. Start a journaling practice

A journal is a great way of reflecting and living conscientiously. It allows you to reflect on what was good about your day, the things that went wrong, and what you are grateful to have. You can also journal in the morning to clear your mind before you begin your day.

3. Be mindful of waste concious

After seeing how calm and grounding the ocean can be, and the importance of protecting Mamma Earth for our health, I now understand the importance of protecting it. Making small changes to your household, such as buying biodegradable bin bags and toilet paper that are tree-free, can have a positive effect on the environment.

4. See what you can add to your life concious

Is it really necessary to accept the invitation? Are you really required to purchase another book when you have already read two? When you’re about to buy something, stop and think about whether you really need it.

5. Take Control Concious of Your Time

Your time is the most thing you own. Being busy seems to be trendy. To be a worthy and deserving person, you don’t need to do much with your time.