How to do the “Inch Worms Exercise”

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The exercise of the inch worms exercise offers a bit of everything. Strengthens the muscles in your anterior chain (the front part of your body), while stretching the posterior chain (the back portion of your body). Targets the entire body and gets blood flowing because it does so. It is a great move to add to an active warm up before you start strength training or interval training.

The movement ends up looking just like its name, an inchworm. Start standing straight up, extend your arms out to the sides, and then reach down towards the ground. Next, move your hands toward the ground in a plank-like manner, before moving your feet toward your hands. Finally, return to standing. For time, you can continue to crawl like a worm for as many repetitions as you wish.

The Inch worms Exercise: Benefits

A solid exercise to add to any routine is the inch worms exercise movement. It can strengthen and stretch multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making it a great choice for active warm-ups or high-intensity interval training.

When you are entering, exiting, holding, and holding onto the plank portion, the strengthening part of this movement is when your arms are extended. Your shoulders, triceps and chest will strengthen as you move your hands away from your feet. As you enter the plank, your weight will be supported by your stabilizing muscles, which include your hips and glutes.

Common Mistakes

You are unlikely to do any major damage if you make mistakes with the inch worms exercise. The danger lies not in injury, although there is always the possibility of injury. But it’s in denying yourself the full benefits of the exercise. This is usually when you move fast or without thinking, which can make the exercise seem Exercise Peddler sloppy. Slow down, pay attention to your whole body, from head to feet, and make sure that each step is controlled and smooth.

Not Fast Enough

Although inch worms exercise  aren’t known for their speedy movements, they can be very agile. You can pull a muscle by lowering your torso to the floor and extending your arms outwards.

Each phase should only take a few seconds. To keep the exercise steady and slow, inhale and exhale to six counts for each phase. As you reach for the floor, exhale until you count six. As you place your hands on the plank, inhale until you reach a count six. Inhale and walk forward towards your hands with your feet, then exhale to count six. Next, roll your torso back up to standing.