How the MiraBurst Miracle Berry Helped Me Manage My Diabetes

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When we are young, we often take our physical health for granted. We go through each day thinking we can consume whatever we want, whenever we want. However, sometimes the harsh reality is that we don’t know that something is wrong internally until something truly bad happens. As a child, my household was relatively healthy, and my mother only had organic food in the home. My father and I would often have to sneak junk food when she was out of town or we went out for a walk or bike ride. We had a Jack-in-the-Box about 3 miles from our house, so we thought we deserved it after our exercise. While I had always been slightly overweight my whole life, things seemed to be alright health-wise throughout high school and even the first year of college.

Then I gained the notorious “freshman fifteen” pounds.  Whether it was an act of defiance or newfound freedom to eat and drink whatever we wanted, we all gained quite a bit of weight in the first year of college. For many of us, those late-night binges while trying to write our term papers were to blame. For others, it was the college parties with kegs of beer that did us in. Either way, we did not particularly take care of our health.

After I gained weight, it was difficult to lose it throughout college and I was never able to return to my previous weight or lifestyle. Once I got my full-time job after college, I got into the habit of relying on fast food and frozen meals and it was hard to change to eating a healthier, plant-based diet. As I continue to get older with a family and kids, I would progressively gain more weight over time and find it difficult to be motivated to work out or get walks in my routine.

Diabetes runs in my family, but I never really thought it would affect me until I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes at the age 55. The doctor told me I needed to make major lifestyle changes such as cutting down on processed foods and giving up regularly eating sweet desserts like ice cream and replacing them with low sugar fruits in addition to eating more vegetables. I was also advised to be more active and be able to have at least a 20-minute walk every day.

Having a major sweet tooth, it was very difficult to find low sugar alternatives for my favorite treats and drinks. After some searching, I read how the miracle berry can help with satisfying your sweet tooth while enjoying healthy sour or tart foods and drinks. I had seen the miracle berry before. After all, like everyone else, I’m plugged into all the trends online, so I had watched a lot of YouTube videos of people modifying their taste buds with the fruit. However, it wasn’t until I came across the MiraBurst miracle berry that I found out it can also help diabetics and borderline diabetics enjoy healthy eating habits without any added sugar or sweetener. Since MiraBurst can turn sour or tart foods, fruits, and drinks to sweet tasting, it can turn unsweetened yogurt parfait into a delicious dessert.

The MiraBurst miracle berry helps diabetics and borderline diabetics to enjoy healthy eating by managing sugar addiction (cravings), cutting down on processed foods and excessive sugar consumption and gaining better control of their blood sugar levels. Being able to manage your blood sugar levels through a healthy diet and exercise is crucial in order to reverse a pre-diabetes diagnosis. I have been using the MiraBurst berry for quite some time now and I have to say that MiraBurst has managed to achieve what current products have not been able to do – they have made healthy eating enjoyable. Sugar and sweeteners cannot eliminate the sour or tart taste of healthy fruits, foods, and drinks. MiraBurst is the only product on the market that works to sweeten and eliminate the sour or tart taste of foods and drinks turning them into naturally delicious treats for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis.

For the longest time, I thought that I needed to cut out all the things that were bad for me. But in fact, I just needed to find healthy alternatives to them. I cut out sweets, cakes, alcohol and so many other things because I thought that was what needed to be done. However, by being able to use MiraBurst miracle berry tablets before I eat sour or tart treats and drink low sugar alcoholic beverages, I am able to live a healthy lifestyle, while also treating myself to things I enjoy. MiraBurst miracle berry tablets allow me to make fruit salads and sugar-free desserts – like unsweetened Greek yogurt parfait, fruit smoothies as well as green smoothies with fruit – taste delicious without any added sugar or sweetener at all.

MiraBurst miracle berry tablets also enhance the taste of several diabetic superfoods like apple cider vinegar and lemon water. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help improve the body’s sensitivity to its own insulin and lemon water helps reduce blood sugar spikes. However, since both have a sour taste that prevents people from enjoying them daily, the MiraBurst tablets turn the beverage into a sugar-free lemonade that is not only healthy but also refreshingly sweet.

Thanks to MiraBurst, I can eat healthy while actually enjoying it therefore I can actually commit to living a healthier life. I have also recommended the miracle berry tablets to friends and loved ones who are not diabetic. After all, we can all benefit from eating healthy. The fruit itself is a superfruit that is high in antioxidants that can provide additional health benefits. Regardless of anyone’s physical health, the MiraBurst miracle berry can change your current eating habits for the better.

If you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, you can go to and request a free sample to try. When it comes to MiraBurst, you need to try it to really appreciate the “miracle” of nature!

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