What’s Cooking Good Looking?

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Some are craving tasty snacks for personal short-term fulfillment others are seeking powerful nutrition to feed their machines. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in your cultural eating behaviors, pimping up your boring personality by catching up with some fancy diet trends or just value this wonderful quality dinner time with your loved ones… Food is not only very helpful to stay alive but also the best.

Since you already know that I am praising Frankfurt’s highlights during these blogs it is probably kind of obvious that I have to guide you trough the very fantastic cuisine of the city now. The original plan was to create a top 5 list of all my favorites! Then I remembered that my brain and especially aspire health my memory power often equals the one of a very intoxicated goldfish! So I just decided to design a list of places I remember because I really like the food there. No ranking! …since this would be unfair to all the places I forgot. Even if I value to enjoy my meals mostly animal free, you will find some delicious meat at most of these spots:

“Im Herzen Afrikas”

There are many reasons why this place is just awesome. Definitely the very good African food. The fact that you can eat with your hands. There is sand all over the place. You can actually eat in a treehouse if you feel like… I think this should be enough.


There are big discussions on where to find the best pizza in town. I have to go with these guys! They saved my life many times and their Italian masterpieces were just always on point.

“Veggie House” !!!To be honest I never really went inside the actual restaurant. And this is not because of the rather unspectacular establishment or the fact that I am too lazy to get up my butt … No! It is because of the very friendly and caring delivery guy! Opening the door and seeing his smiling face means that you are right before enjoying a big portion of just amazingly tasting food. The kitchen is mostly a mix of Indian, Southeast Asia, and Arabic delicates. All vegetarian though.

“Quan Van”

This is just a really good Vietnamese restaurant and to be honest, I don’t even have more to say about this place since I’m really only going there to enjoy these freaking tasty curries.


More of a snack bar than a restaurant… Nevertheless, they provide the recipe for the best falafel sandwich I have ever tasted in Germany. Huge rows during rush hours + the fact that I am remembering this place are speaking for themselves.

So what is there left to say? Go out there and enjoy your breakfast, lunch, slunch or dinner! But maybe take yourself a little bit more time for doing so. Enjoying a meal conscious and without time pressure can create even more pleasure.

Cooking Good Looking Athena, what’s your point? Well, one of those very people is Jodi Moreno. I am continually perusing instagram for swoony food images and What’s Cooking Good Looking commanded my attention with absolutely stunning photography and styling. Immediately smitten by Jodi and her mouthwatering recipes, I was further swoon-ified when I found that she was my neighbor is Amagansett.

I reached out to Jodi to say “ hello, neighbor” and introduce myself. Not long after, I asked Jodi to contribute a recipe for The Bite. The very day I published it, I ran into Jodi at the Saveur Blog awards where I was panelist and her blog was nominated! I mean, how insanely serendipitous!

Once I found myself, established eyeswoon and fell into a flow with my new community, everything seemed to unfurl beautifully. Moments just like these—ones of discovery and fate-like connectivity—began to present themselves with abundanceI mentioned to Jodi that we should cook together in Amagansett this summer. I presented an idea I had been dreaming up for quite some time: to create an authentic Spanish paella cooked over an open fire on the bay beach in Amagansett. Jodi was instantly on-board to cook and collaborate, and the rest is history.

This story will be broken into three parts. First up here: two new found food-loving friends prepping paella in Jodi’s Amagansett house. There is no better way to develop a deeply rooted friendship than to cook together! We found that we embrace similar passions surrounding food, farmers, friends and the Amagansett community.

Up next, the actual beach grill—just wait until you see how swoony it came together! And finally, a lavender-infused Rosé sangria.

Summertime swooning, collaboration and community at its best!

Don’t feel like cooking today? That sounds like me most of the timeTo be honest, it’s not the actual cooking that I have a problem with, but rather the daily dilemma of what to cook! How do you deal with that problem? One of my friends was telling me about ‘Hello Chef’, a Dubai-based delivery service where the ingredients and the recipe are delivered right to your doorstep. Sounds so much easier right? I have not tried them yet, but might do so soon so will save the full review for then … 

Now for the good news …. I am done with the dinner prep for today! Hurray! So if you are still twiddling your thumbs wondering what to cook, I suggest you try this simple Chicken Spaghetti recipe which hardly takes 10-15 minutes to make and is finger lickin’ good. The ingredients required are very basic.